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Neon Lights Up with Vacuum

Neon Lights Up with Vacuum

To anyone who lived through the 1980s, the word “neon” may conjure up images of over-the-top fashion. However, to the rest of us, neon—the tenth element on the periodic table—is an amazing substance that is incredibly useful in a wide variety of fields. One of the most commonly recognized uses of neon is, of course, … Read more

The Healing Power of Vacuum

Injured Player in a Vacuum Splint

Sports Medicine uses Vacuum Pumps to Stabilize and Heal Would you believe that watching your favorite sports team may require vacuum? It’s true! Vacuum plays an important role in many aspects of sports medicine from triage, to physical therapy, to sports massage. Using Vacuum Pumps to Triage Injuries A serious sports injury during a game … Read more

A Guide to Detecting Vacuum Leaks in Vacuum Furnaces

Edwards ELD500 Dry Helium10.32611.01 Leak Detector

As with any complicated and finely tuned piece of hardware, maintaining your vacuum equipment is paramount to it running safely and effectively. Vacuum leaks can be a problem if not they are detected and repaired in a timely way.  This article discusses the types of leaks, how to find a leak, how to determine the … Read more

Vacuum Pumps Help Make Movie Magic

Vacuum in movies

When a director asks for the impossible, a vacuum pump can make it happen With all the advancements in computer movie editing, we often assume that the special effects on the silver screen are created digitally. And while many of them are, there is still a place in cinema for real special effects. Special effects … Read more

Vacuum in the Aerospace Industry

Airplane Industrial Vacuum Pump Industry

35 years after the original Top Gun movie took American viewers by storm, the sequel, Top Gun Maverick, may well gross $1B dollars…reminding us that we all love a film that involves fast planes and aging movie stars in imminent danger.  But what about the planes themselves…the miraculous machines that let people fly through the air thousands of times … Read more

How Vacuum Perks Up the Coffee Industry

Vacuum in the Coffee Industry

Coffee drinkers the world over wake every day to the lilting sounds and the rich aromas of their favorite coffee brewing. Whether it be drip, French press or single-serving; black or with milk; espresso, latte, or cappuccino, nothing is more satisfying than that first sip of hot, delicious coffee. Yet how many coffee aficionados have … Read more

Training for Weightlessness

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps for Sale at AVAC Industries

Parabolic Flight Training Might Not Be for Everyone With the recent availability of consumer space flights from companies like Space-X, Amazon, and Virgin Galactic, space travel is becoming more and more popular among the rich and famous. This week, even William Shatner went outside the atmosphere for a few minutes. Perhaps the ability to leave Earth will soon be … Read more

Why Nature Shouldn’t Abhor a Vacuum

Edwards Vacuum Pump for Sale at AVAC Industries

Idiomatically speaking, vacuum gets a bad rap. We all know that the literal meaning of a vacuum is neither good nor bad–it’s a closed space from which all air and other gases have been removed, a space devoid of matter.  But as a metaphor, a vacuum is often used as a negative. Doing something in a vacuum … Read more

How to Make Mars Habitable for Humans

How to Make Mars Habitable for Humans

Believe us, it’s complicated. Anyone who has seen the movie Total Recall or read the Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury has wondered what it would really be like to live on Mars. A very long time ago, the surface of Mars was habitable. Mineral deposits that only form in the presence of liquid water provide … Read more