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BHO Extraction Pump

BHO Extraction Pump

To finish with superior product you must start with superior equipment.

Just as quality material is required for a quality concentrate, the same can be said for high vacuum equipment such as a BHO Extraction Pump. You will never be able to produce a product superior to your competitor if you are trying to do it with inferior high vacuum equipment.  That is why we offer only the best BHO Extraction Pump equipment and supplies from our trading partners, and we’re not going anywhere.

BHO Extraction Pump for Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

It is important to understand the best methods for purging your solvent to produce a high-quality product. A quality extraction process requires the use of vacuum pumps. The vacuum pump evaporates the butane, resulting in a potent product with low impurities that can not be accomplished without it.

When buying a pump, you should be aware of what to look for. A good BHO extraction pump will last a long time and will meet or exceed your expectations. Regardless of your needs, it will help you make the best product.

The right pump will be easy to use and will give you years of reliable performance. If you're considering purchasing a BHO extraction pump, it's important to choose one that's designed for use in an environment where you can operate it safely. Having a pump that is safe for your operations will help minimize the risk of any accidents. The best way to find a BHO extraction pump is to be well informed, so if you don't feel sure about what is the best BHO extraction pump for you, you can always contact us!

At A-VAC, we are proud of our over 52-year history of providing economical high-quality vacuum pumps such as our BHO Extraction Pump.

Purchasing a BHO Extraction Pump from an authorized distributor such as AVAC Industries will give you peace of mind and a guarantee of quality and ease of operation now and in the future. If you have questions when purchasing your BHO Extraction Pump from AVAC Industries, give our vacuum pump specialists a call and they will be able to assist you properly. 


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