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Cannabis extraction is the process of removing or extracting certain components like THC and CBD from the cannabis plant and converting it into a product that consumers can use all over the world. Extracting the correct components and condensing it to their purest form is also known as concentrating or extracting, which results in a … Read more

When you start shopping for a vacuum pump, there are different types of options you can choose from on the market. You should know the complexities of your job before selecting the right one. This process will help you decide and determine which pump is best for the job you are going to use it … Read more

Believe us, it’s complicated. Anyone who has seen the movie Total Recall or read the Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury has wondered what it would really be like to live on Mars. A very long time ago, the surface of Mars was habitable. Mineral deposits that only form in the presence of liquid water provide … Read more

1. Quality Assurance A properly calibrated vacuum gauge increases the quality of process outcome. Quality assurance means several things in this context, particularly the accuracy and reproducibility of results. An accurate vacuum measurement is vital to process stability and monitoring. One industries where this is particularly important is the Pharmaceutical industry. Calibration improves the accuracy of the measuring … Read more

A vacuum pump is a business critical investment for your company, and you want to make sure it is cared for properly. If your vacuum pump breaks or needs servicing, repairing it properly ensures that it is returned to you in superior condition and that you are able to maximize the lifespan of the pump. … Read more

A-VAC Industries has been Southern California’s industrial vacuum pump repair specialists since 1969. Our experts repair vacuum pumps, helium leak detectors and vacuum blowers from all over the USA. After 50 years in the business of repairing vacuum pumps, our technicians have been trained by only the best. We know vacuum pumps better than anyone. … Read more

Sound Waves

Given the many serious events occuring in the world right now, we thought we’d lighten up and have a little fun with vacuum! There has been much speculation about what happens to items like sound when subjected to the low/no air condition in a vacuum. Can sound exist in a vacuum? A Little Background Information … Read more

True or False Vacuum Facts

Test your knowledge with these statements about vacuum. Are they fact or are they fiction? 1. A vacuum cleaner works like a vacuum pump. False. Actually it’s not even close. A vacuum cleaner is designed for flow at a very minimal pressure differential while a vacuum pump causes a very high-pressure differential at a modest … Read more

When you begin looking for an industrial vacuum pump, the choice between new and rebuilt is an important option. The good news is, when vacuum pumps are rebuilt well, they are just as reliable and perform as well as new vacuum pumps. This means when choosing between buying a new or rebuilt vacuum pump from … Read more

Helium Leak detectors are one of the best ways to trace gas and locate unwanted helium leaks. It is also one of the best and accurate types of vacuum leak testing and leak detection. This is why when it comes to purchasing new equipment, like a helium leak detector, it’s always important to do the necessary research. This helps … Read more