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How a Vacuum Pump Helps Preserve Fragile Artifacts

How a Vacuum Pump Helps Preserve Fragile Artifacts

Organic materials deteriorate. Even more, those who have been around for a long time. Professional treatment with vacuum pumps ensures that newly unearthed wooden archaeological artifacts remain for future generations.Archaeologists dream of finding a perfectly preserved ancient relic. Once surfaced, organic findings may degrade quickly without adequate care. However, it is possible to halt these … Read more

The Art of Lyophilization: Preserving Delicate Products through Freeze-Drying

Lyophilization Procedure

Lyophilization is a method of preservation that serves many different types of herbs, fruits, and pharmaceuticals. Freeze-drying has been used to preserve perishable goods for a long time, and it often provides the most benefits compared to other drying procedures. It has replaced canning as the go-to technique for food preservation for many items. However, … Read more

Neon Lights Up with Vacuum

Neon Lights Up with Vacuum

To anyone who lived through the 1980s, the word “neon” may conjure up images of over-the-top fashion. However, to the rest of us, neon—the tenth element on the periodic table—is an amazing substance that is incredibly useful in a wide variety of fields. One of the most commonly recognized uses of neon is, of course, … Read more

The Healing Power of Vacuum

Injured Player in a Vacuum Splint

Sports Medicine uses Vacuum Pumps to Stabilize and Heal Would you believe that watching your favorite sports team may require vacuum? It’s true! Vacuum plays an important role in many aspects of sports medicine from triage, to physical therapy, to sports massage. Using Vacuum Pumps to Triage Injuries A serious sports injury during a game … Read more

How to Extend Service Periods with Oil Change Intervals in a Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

How to Extend Service Periods with Oil Change Intervals in a Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Rotary vane pumps have become famous for low to medium-vacuum applications due to their durability, price-performance ratio, and endurance. The oil-sealed rotary displacement pump employs oil as a working fluid. This oil lubricates all moving components and fills the outlet valve’s dead volume and the small space between the inlet and exit.It minimizes the area … Read more

The Role of a Vacuum Pump in Facilitating Chemical Reactions

Chemical Reactions

Vacuum methods play an essential part in the manufacturing and processing of a wide variety of chemicals, whether the objective is to remove moisture, oxygen, or air. Providing a clean and inert environment for chemical reactions to occur is critical to manufacturing pure goods on which we depend every day.The chemical industry’s so-called ‘air-free’ processes … Read more

The Integration of Vacuum Pump Systems in Medical Accelerators

Vacuum technology affects everything from your automobile to your meals. One area where vacuum technology is seeing increasing use is in medicine, notably in cancer treatment.Vacuum technology plays a supporting role in many of these situations since it is crucial to the production of many types of medical equipment. However, vacuum plays a direct role … Read more

How Vaccine Manufacturing Is Made Possible by Vacuum Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought vaccines to the forefront of public attention, and the world is becoming increasingly interested in how vaccines are made, stored, and distributed.Today, we will examine how companies use a vacuum to purify vaccines.Purification of Vaccines Purification is critical throughout the vaccine production process, and an ultra-high-speed centrifuge helps with this … Read more

The Application of a Vacuum Pump in the Production of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Are you familiar with the manufacturing process used by major lithium-ion battery companies? They rely on vacuum pumps! Vacuum pumps are easy to maintain, provide clients with affordable solutions, and have superior regulation. Manufacturers can deliver high-quality batteries with low ownership costs and excellent throughput yields.Vacuum’s ImportanceVacuum is essential to the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries. … Read more

A Guide to Detecting Vacuum Leaks in Vacuum Furnaces

Edwards ELD500 Dry Helium10.32611.01 Leak Detector

As with any complicated and finely tuned piece of hardware, maintaining your vacuum equipment is paramount to it running safely and effectively. Vacuum leaks can be a problem if not they are detected and repaired in a timely way.  This article discusses the types of leaks, how to find a leak, how to determine the … Read more