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5 Tips for Choosing a Vacuum Pump Repair Facility

A vacuum pump is a business critical investment for your company, and you want to make sure it is cared for properly. If your vacuum pump breaks or needs servicing, repairing it with care ensures that it is returned to you in superior condition, and that you are able to maximize the lifespan of the pump.

When choosing a Vacuum Pump repair facility, here are some of the questions to ask to help you determine if it is the right repair shop for you.

1. How long have they been in business?

Length of time in business is a strong indicator as to the quality of the servicing and support provided. AVAC has been selling and servicing vacuum pumps since 1969, and we know pretty much everything about vacuum pump issues and solutions.

2. What is the length of their Repair Warranty?

All reputable repair facilities should offer a warranty on the repairs they have completed. AVAC offers a one year warranty on all serviced and refurbished vacuum pumps.

3. Will they give a general pre-quote for a rebuild/overhaul?

If you’d like an idea of pricing for an overhaul / rebuild of your pump,  ask us for a pre-quote. This will give you a benchmark pricing idea, in case a overhaul/rebuild is needed. Once we examine the pump, we will give you an exact repair cost for your approval, which may be more, or less than the pre-quote.

4. Is a knowledgeable person happy to discuss your pump issue with you?

Vacuum repair is fun! At least we think it's fun. So when you call for repair or servicing, the specialist should be delighted to talk to you about your pump and all its ins and outs.

5. Do they offer rental pumps and expedited service or trade-ins for urgent repairs?

For many industries, your pump is a business essential asset. So when it goes in for repair, you may need a temporary replacement or a quick turn around on urgent, business critical repairs. In either case, your repair facility should be able to accommodate your request.

6. What quality parts do they use?

AVAC uses only the best quality parts available when repairing your pump. In addition, our expert technicians use the utmost care when replacing parts and increasing the lifetime of your pump.

7. Do they have a list of satisfied customers / testimonials?

Testimonials are another excellent indicator of the kind of service you will receive from your vendor. Always review other customers' feedback to confirm that your choice for repair company is the right one.

In conclusion, your choice of repair vendor is a critical business decision, so choose wisely. Of course, we think you should pick AVAC. We have been in business since 1969, we are the experts in vacuum pump repair, and we love our customers!