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5 Tips for Purchasing a Leak Detector

Helium Leak detectors are one of the best ways to trace gas and locate unwanted helium leaks. It is also one of the best and accurate types of vacuum leak testing and leak detection. This is why when it comes to purchasing new equipment, like a helium leak detector, it’s always important to do the necessary research. This helps you feel confident in your final purchase, leaving you happy and satisfied with your final purchase. There are a wide variety of applications a helium detector is needed as a part of the quality testing process. As such these leak detectors are sought out for and essential in several industries. For example, in the car manufacturing industry fuel tanks, tire rims, and the like all use helium leak detectors to check for any small leaks in these items

Here are 5 Tips for Purchasing a Leak DetectorHelium Leak Detector Adixen ASM 340 Multipurpose. Compact, Std Base Model. Two Year Warranty.
  1. Roughing Pump Size- This is an important aspect to look at if you need to evacuate a volume to begin the leak testing. All systems have pumps already built in to handle the evacuation, but it is important to purchase a system which includes the correct sized pump for your application. Too small and you can’t test, too big and you spend too much.
  2. Finding a reputable brand- There are many different brands and models. This is why when purchasing a helium leak detector it is important to buy a trustworthy brand. Choose a model that has a long history of helium leak detection. Looking at reviews is always a good idea too. If the company is known for making below average vacuum equipment, don’t expect the same parts to work any better than the leak detector. Always evaluate the service of the business and its network.
  3. Ease of maintenance- Your helium leak detector should be easy to maintain so it doesn’t consume your time. Tools should not be required to take off external parts for maintenance. The air filters and pump oil should be able to be easily exchanged. Source assemblies must be easy to access.
  4. Helium Pumping Speed- This is an important aspect to investigate when purchasing a helium leak detector. If a leak is detected, using helium, a fast pumping speed is what you want. The advantage of a high-speed pump is that it enables faster helium leak detection of the smallest leaks which improves your helium leak testing altogether. Always take into account helium pumping speed when comparing two different models.
  5. Multiple Gas Detection Functions –Your helium leak detector should have the option of detecting hydrogen as well as helium by the standard vacuum method. Though not often used, having multiple gas option is a nice feature.
Other things to consider

When purchasing a helium leak detector, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration. There are different options for a helium leak detector. Portable Helium leak detectors are sturdy and small enough to be moved around like a grocery cart. A helium leak detector can also have the ability to detect hydrogen by the vacuum method.

Helium Leak Testing Methods

There are three main methods for a helium leak detector. The first one being the external pressure method where the test product has air being pumped out to create a vacuum and helium gas is sprayed on top of the leak detector. If the helium enters into the vacuum of the test object then there is a confirmed leak. The second method is the Internal Pressure Method. The helium is already inside the vacuum chamber and the air will be pumped out to create a vacuum. If the helium inside comes out then there is a vacuum leak. The last method is the Sniffer Method. Similar to the internal pressure method, the helium is inside the test product and the the the leak will be detected from out of the leaker detectors.