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7 Benefits of Using Oilless Vacuum Pumps

Oil-Free Vac Pumps Provide Quiet Operation 

Most vacuum pumps using oils can make maintenance a difficult experience. The hassle of waste oil disposal and the smell of odors can put off anyone using the vacuum pump. Oilless vacuum pumps, also known as dry vacuum pumps, have become a popular alternative for mess-free and easy cleanup. 

Some benefits into owning Oilless vacuum pumps can include:Oilless Vacuum Pumps

  1. The lack of oil means no oil molecule contamination, keeping product pure. Many applications need an uncontaminated environment to provide good and reliable results.
  2. The ability to be operated unmanned. Oilless vacuum pumps do not need as much attention and maintenance as oil-sealed vacuum pumps so they need little to no user interference.
  3. The pump’s efficiency lowers when the pump needs extra maintenance and downtime to keep it running. There is no need for filtration accessories, traps, or special oils in Oilless vacuum pumps so no extra attention is required.
  4. If the vacuum pump needs to be oriented a certain way or just needs to be moved, and Oilless vacuum pump is recommended as they are versatile, lightweight, and portable.
  5. and water vapor.
  6. Easy to use, maintain, and repair. The simplicity of these vacuum pumps is good for any uncomplicated applications.
  7. Good for the environment. There is no oil and no water in contact with the process vapors which makes dry vacuum pumps environmentally friendly. 

Oilless vacuum pumps are also considered compressor pumps that work oil-free. These dry pumps vacuum are quieter, lighter, and easier to move. They are also easy to maintain and rarely break down. The majority of our pumps are quiet, but many believe the oilless pumps are the quietest available. Finally, they are able to perform efficiently for long periods of time.

Oilless Vacuum Pump Applications

Oilless vacuum pumps are particularly useful in the medical sector. They are additionally employed in cutting-edge electronics manufacturing facilities to safeguard delicate equipment. Industrial settings like material handling, solvent recovery, and food production can use oilless vacuum pumps more widely.

Oil-free pumps are a great option for people who want to reduce their carbon footprint and use a pump that is not harmful to the environment.

Oilless Vacuum Pumps Available from AVAC Industries

Our oilless vacuum pumps are completely dry and offer efficient production. We offer a 100% Oilless Vacuum Pump that delivers blast air and suction. It is designed for convenience and only requires minimal maintenance whether you purchase a new or rebuilt vacuum pump. The pump features compact and regulating valves as well as filters on one side so they are easy to enter and access, and have made it as easy as possible to check or enter and change the vanes in the pump.

Other benefits of our Oilless Vacuum Pumps include:

  • Cool, compact, quiet, and efficient operation
  • Built-in large inlet air filters that guarantee clean air
  • Maximum long pump life
  • Built-in aftercooler to help maintain the oil free pump products.

Oil less Pump Vacuum Operation

­­In recent times, Oil less vacuum pumps have risen in popularity while the price has stayed somewhat the same. The average price for an oil less vacuum pump can range from $1,000 to $10,000. Once used primarily in the medical industry to supply uncontaminated air, now industries such as science and lab testing use vacuum pump with sensitive instruments and experiments. Oilless Vacuum pumps are an ideal choice for many applications. Contact us at AVAC Industries (All Rights Reserved) to see if these vacuum pump items are right for you or if you are interested in learning more about our oil-less vacuum pump products. If you are reaching out for help with regard to the pressure of your oilless vacuum pump, please call our service department directly.