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How a Vacuum Pump Helps Preserve Fragile Artifacts

Organic materials deteriorate. Even more, those who have been around for a long time. Professional treatment with vacuum pumps ensures that newly unearthed wooden archaeological artifacts remain for future generations.

Archaeologists dream of finding a perfectly preserved ancient relic. Once surfaced, organic findings may degrade quickly without adequate care. However, it is possible to halt these chemical and structural alterations in their tracks, preserving the objects for future study and safe museum exhibition.

Water's Capacity to Preserve

Water's Capacity to PreserveDue to their nautical character, Viking ship remains are still being recovered in water. That makes excavation difficult, yet archaeologists benefit from the site. Water destroys and preserves. The timber would have decayed on land. Water and the silt and sand that have covered the discovery since it reached the sea bottom preserve wood. However, bringing the relic onto land immediately reverses this. Water breaks down cellulose, making wood porous and sponge-like. While wet, it will retain its form, but air will evaporate the surplus water. Cell walls disintegrate, reducing and distorting the piece. Thus, a wooden item like a ship splinter must be kept wet before being investigated and presented.

Wax Stabilization

Polyethylene glycol (PEG), a form of synthetic wax, may be used to prevent deterioration. The still-waterlogged piece is bathed in liquid PEG, which enters all of the wood's nooks and crannies and stabilizes the wood cells. After that, the object is covered in foam rubber and frozen to -20 °C to solidify the wax. In addition to strengthening the object's structure, wax prevents ice crystals from forming, which might cause more harm. Vacuum pumps are utilized here. The combination of vacuum and low temperature leads the now-frozen water to sublimate, converting straight from solid ice to water vapor and never becoming liquid again. The vapor is evacuated quickly by the vacuum pumps, preventing the object from rehydrating. Only the waxy wood remains after the procedure. The procedure is lengthy, lasting more than three months, but the treasure is entirely dried and stable, ready to be displayed.

Get the Perfect Equipment to Preserve History

Preserving wooden archaeological artifacts is crucial for ensuring that future generations can appreciate and study our rich worldwide history. One effective method of preservation involves the use of vacuum pumps. 

A-VAC understands the importance of proper preservation techniques and offers a wide selection of vacuum pumps for sale to cater to your specific needs. Whether you require a pump for small-scale artifact preservation or larger projects, A-VAC has the expertise and range of products to assist you in achieving professional treatment for these invaluable treasures.

Investing in the right vacuum pump from A-VAC ensures that your newly unearthed wooden artifacts receive the care they deserve. These pumps play a vital role in safeguarding our cultural heritage for generations to come. Choose A-VAC as your trusted partner in preserving history with our reliable and efficient vacuum pump solutions tailored to your requirements. Contact us for more information!