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The Benefits of Vacuum Pumps for Bread Manufacturing

The demand for bakeries to shorten the time from the ingredients scaling phase to product packing has led to the use of vacuum cooling in the baking sector.

Vacuum cooling is more efficient and faster than standard atmospheric or ambient cooling. Here are four ways that a vacuum pump optimizes bread manufacturing.

1. A Crunchy Crust and a Loose CrumbThe Benefits of Vacuum Pumps for Bread Manufacturing

The benefit of vacuum-cooled bread over traditionally cooled baked products is obvious from the first touch. The volume consistency of the baked goods increases due to the extension of the so-called crusting process, resulting in a crust that is stable for longer and brittle yet soft. It is advantageous since many baked items lose shape in areas with greater air humidity. A consistent volume is not just a gain for the client in terms of quality; it also provides an edge over the competition in terms of aesthetics when the baked products on display smell great and look appealing.

2. There are Fewer Bacteria in the Vacuum

The period during which bacteria can grow lessens by speeding the procedure. Instead of taking two hours as it did previously, vacuum cooling reduces the essential temperature range for the formation of mold spores (from 60°C to 30°C) to two or three minutes. Cooling in an enclosed chamber serves as a sluice between manufacturing and packing at the same time. It also greatly minimizes the possibility of airborne bacterial assault and spore development. It means there is no need for an expensive sterilizing technique after packaging to prevent spores development. Only clean air and protective gas might extend the shelf life further.

3. Smaller Size, More Surface Area

There are other advantages of using vacuum cooling in bread manufacturing. The vacuum cooling system's small size allows for substantial space savings compared to traditional air cooling, saving up to 10% of the previously needed floor area. A straightforward conditioning chamber is around 2 meters tall and is 120 by 100 cm in size. Vacuum pumps and switch cabinets are functionally incorporated into the system next to the chamber. The corporation may then use the regained area

to expand its production capabilities. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to cool bread of all shapes and sizes to 30°C.

As a result, the bakery benefits not just from improved quality, but also greater production. The innovative cooling process significantly decreases the cooling phase. Meanwhile, the baked items are perfectly prepared for the subsequent slicing and packing processes.

Reduce Storage and Logistics Expenses4. Reduce Storage and Logistics Expenses

The key here is a technique known as pre-baking. Pre-baked foods are vacuum-conditioned and can be delivered without intense cooling to points of sale, where they can be for up to four days. As a result, deliveries are frequently conducted over long distances to several locations. The items are transported to the branches intact and without packaging. Cooking times shorten when the vacuum-conditioned bread is finished baking at the bakery. Using this interrupted baking process can considerably cut energy usage. The deep-cooling logistics and storage formerly required within the baking facility and retail stores are also eliminated, lowering logistic expenses.

Which Vacuum Pump Should You Use?

When it comes to vacuum cooling systems on the market, there is a clear trend toward the employment of oil-free screw technology. It is attributable to current screw pumps with frequency converters that may be optimally coupled and integrated compactly with the equipment control system. These screw pumps also provide the convenience of low-noise operation in terms of noise emissions. Equipment manufacturers, producers, bakers, and customers gain equally from vacuum pumps. They all benefit from increased production and quality. There is more room for improvement in production times, infrastructure workers, logistical costs, raw materials, and energy usage. The technological and economical requirements for market penetration are unquestionably met.

If you want to know more about how it works or are looking for vacuum pumps for sale, contact us. We are here to help you!