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Vacuum Pump Repair at A-VAC Industries

A-VAC Industries has been Southern California’s industrial vacuum pump repair specialists since 1969. Our experts repair vacuum pumps, helium leak detectors and vacuum blowers from all over the USA. After 50 years in the business of repairing vacuum pumps, our technicians have been trained by only the best. We know vacuum pumps better than anyone. In addition to factory training, our Technical Staff is constantly being trained and developed directly by AVAC Management and Technical Advisors. Our team of dedicated Technical Specialists have the knowledge, training and experience to diagnosis any high vacuum problem, no matter how large or small. Our entire team of cheerful technical support, ‘A’ and ‘B’ techs, Quality Control, and Support Staff are uniquely qualified and trained to assist all customers that we have the good fortune to serve.

A-VAC Industries offers fast and accurate estimates for your approval. After examining your equipment, you will be sent an exact repair cost for your approval. We can also give you a benchmark overhaul/rebuild price prior to examining the equipment. Standard turn-around time for repairs is 10 working days but expedited service is available with 24 hours, 3-day, and 5-day can be possible in most cases.

Scope of Work

During the initial inspection ultimate pressure is checked; motor amperage is documented, visual inspection made, and all extra parts and accessories documented. Your pump is then drained and completely disassembled. Hazardous materials are sent to an EPA certified waste disposal service. All parts are inspected for excessive wear, all tolerances checked, and any failure is analyzed by a technician. The estimate is then written and submitted to the customer for approval. After, all pump parts undergo multiple cleaning processes to strip paint, rust and oil; including solvent rinse, high temperature caustic chemical cleaning and a neutralizing bath. For assembly, upon authorization, parts are deburred and hand lapped, the pump is assembled using all new wear parts, i.e.: shaft seals, exhaust valves, vanes, o-rings, gaskets, etc., recharged with distilled hydrocarbon or PFPE vacuum pump fluid.

A-VAC Industries also offers trade-in / exchange services. Contact our team for details on our vacuum pump trade-ins / exchange services. Our technicians work hard to insure the best quality repairs for your vacuum pumps. Once you experience the AVAC difference, you will be glad you found us!