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Vacuum Pumps in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Vacuum pumps are a versatile product that offers a wide range of uses in a multitude of different industries. In the world of pharmaceuticals, vacuum pumps are used daily and are quite important to their processes. The pumps help create a vacuum that can evacuate air from a closed area, such as a container. This evacuation of air creates an environment where there is no atmospheric pressure on the substance within the container, which can help preserve products for a longer period of time.

Quality is Never Compromised

There are vacuum pumps that are specially designed to work with containers that have substances like oxygen and hydrogen cyanide which require special handling and containment measures. The vacuum pump helps keep the substances being stored at specific temperatures and levels. Without a vacuum pump the process would be quite difficult as it would require constant monitoring and pressure adjustment. Vacuum pumps are also used to prevent contamination of products by eliminating atmospheric air and preventing vapor from escaping.

Vacuum pumps help pharmaceutical companies keep a consistent and quality product for consumer and industrial uses. Whether you need a simple vacuum pump for one application or a more complex system for your production environment in the pharmaceutical industry, we have what it takes to get the job done.

We’ve Got Your Back

We offer just about any solution for your vacuum needs! Our complete lineup of products includes static mixers, rotary vane pumps, diaphragm pumps, and more. By working in the pump industry since 1969, Avac has seen it all. Not only do we have the expertise to identify all your needs and find the best solution, but we also know how to address any issues that may arise along the way. We are committed to customer success - because without customers, there would be no company! Here at Avac Industries, we supply many types of vacuum pumps for most applications. We also provide rebuilt and repair services for a more cost effective and time saving experience.