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What’s the Difference Between New and Rebuilt Vacuum Pumps?

When you begin looking for an industrial vacuum pump, the choice between new and rebuilt is an important option. The good news is, when vacuum pumps are rebuilt well, they are just as reliable and perform as well as new vacuum pumps. This means when choosing between buying a new or rebuilt vacuum pump from an experienced company like A-VAC Industries, you won’t have to worry about the quality and can instead focus on other factors to help you choose a vacuum pump that best suits your needs. Read on to learn other reasons why both new and rebuilt vacuum pumps offered by A-VAC can be a great addition to your company.

A-VAC Sells New and Rebuilt Vacuum Pumps from all Major Brands

Both new and seasoned vacuum pump buyers often do research in advance and have brands in mind when they set out to purchase a vacuum pump. Luckily, A-VAC sells both new and rebuilt vacuum pumps from most major brands, allowing you to shop for big brands that interest you regardless of your budget.

Both New and Rebuilt Vacuum Pumps Come with Warranties

Both new and rebuilt vacuum pumps sold by A-VAC come with a full one-year warranty.

New and Rebuilt Vacuum Pumps are Priced Differently

A significant upside of buying a rebuilt vacuum pump is that they are priced about 60% lower than new vacuum pumps. This offers buyers a unique opportunity to buy high-quality brands at a much more affordable price. .

New and Rebuilt Vacuum Pumps Provide the Same Performance

A-VAC has a history of excellence when it comes to rebuilding vacuum pumps and goes through an intensive process and testing to ensure that rebuilt pumps operate just as well as new ones. All vacuum pumps that are rebuilt and sold through A-VAC have been completely disassembled, cleaned, reassembled, and carefully inspected for wear by our factory-trained technicians. Units are assembled with new vanes, shaft seals, exhaust valves, gaskets, springs, oil distribution valves, and bearings before undergoing a comprehensive performance test to meet or exceed OEM specifications. All pumps are then painted, detailed, and must pass a final quality assurance inspection before they can be sold. A final test certificate is provided with each pump, documenting the final performance of the pump. At A-VAC Industries we take painstaking steps to ensure that every vacuum pump offered is of the highest quality.

Therefore, the short answer to the question “What is the difference between new and rebuilt vacuum pumps from A-VAC industries?”, is a resounding “Not much,” as they will both perform equally well for years to come. Both carry the same warranty as they are backed up with A-VAC’s over 50 years in the vacuum pump support industry.