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How to Extend Service Periods with Oil Change Intervals in a Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

How to Extend Service Periods with Oil Change Intervals in a Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Rotary vane pumps have become famous for low to medium-vacuum applications due to their durability, price-performance ratio, and endurance. The oil-sealed rotary displacement pump employs oil as a working fluid. This oil lubricates all moving components and fills the outlet valve’s dead volume and the small space between the inlet and exit.It minimizes the area … Read more

The Importance of Quality Vacuum Pump Oil

Vacuum Pump Oils

Maintaining steady output requires a vacuum system that is both secure and dependable. A reliable performance within specified parameters requires a high-quality vacuum pump oil. However, high-quality vacuum oil has benefits beyond only efficiency. It delivers a multitude of advantages that boost the worth of production.Principal Functions● Cooling● Corrosion protection● Sealing● Lubrication● Noise reduction● Flushing … Read more

How Frequently Should You Change Your Vacuum Pump Oil?

Vacuum Pump Oils

When working with vacuum pumps, the vacuum pump oil you are using and the frequency of changing it is essential. Each pump type has its unique oil requirements. The oil must be tested and changed periodically. These oils are available in hydrocarbon, silicone, and other specific vacuum-formulated forms. It functions as a mechanical lubricant and … Read more

Tips for Maintaining Your Oil-Seal High Vacuum Pump

Welch Vacuum Pump

Properly maintained vacuum pumps, such as rotary vane pumps, etc, will provide many years of reliable, maximized performance. Below are some simple ways to maintain such rotary vane vacuum pumps as well as options for what to do when pump performance is compromised due to oil contamination and degradation.Principles of OperationOil-Seal, Rotary Vane vacuum pumps … Read more