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Compact Intake Vacuum Air Filters Accessories

Compact Intake Vacuum Air Filters Accessories

Compact Intake Vacuum Air Filters-WELCH 1400

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Features & Specifications

  • 99%+ removal efficiency std: Paper=2 micron, Polyester=5 micron
  • Brazed fittings for high vacuum duty
  • Filter change out differential: 10"-15" in. H2O above initial delta P
  • Low pressure drop
  • Positive sealing O-ring seal system
  • Pressure drop graphs available upon request
  • Rugged all steel construction with baked enamel finish
  • Seamless drawn housings
  • Stainless steel torsion clips for durability
  • Temp (continuous): min -15 ℉ ( -26 ℃) max 220 ℉ (104℃)


  • Activated carbon prefilter to reduce odor
  • Alternate Top-to-canister fastening system for low pressure or pulsating systems
  • Stainless Steel
  • Epoxy coated housings
  • Extra tap fittings for vacuum gauge Larger sizes available
  • Special connections
  • Support brackets Vacuum gauge available
More Information
Manufacturer Welch
Application Blowers-Side Channel Factory Automation, Leak Detection, Medical, Printing Industry, Soil Venting/Remediation, Vacuum Lifters, Vacuum Packaging, Vacuum Pumps & Systems, Woodworking