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Helium Leak Detectors

A-VAC has chosen to represent the world-class Leybold, Pfeiffer Adixen, and Edwards Helium Leak Detector brands. These are simply the best helium leak detectors offered today.

Lightweight, portable, console, ultra sensitive, large volume and high performance- whatever your needs- These units incorporate the newest technology, and are extremely user friendly.

Below are some of the most popular models. Other configurations are available. Please contact us for details.

About Helium Leak Detectors

Leak testing equipment which includes helium leak sniffers and helium mass spectrometers are instruments that are used for detecting and locating small leaks. Originally developed by the Manhattan Project, helium leak detectors find microscopic leaks for a variety of industries. In addition to vacuum systems and their individual components (vacuum vessel, lines, valves, measuring devices, etc.) there are numerous other systems and products in the fields of industry and research with high requirements regarding tightness or so-called "hermetic sealing". These include assemblies for the automotive and refrigeration industry, air conditioning, including medical, automotive airbag, road wheel, vacuum systems, hermetic seal verification, carbonated beverage containers, food packages, and aerosol packaging, as well as in the manufacture of steam products, gas bottles, fire extinguishers, tire valves, and numerous other products including all vacuum systems.

As far as ‘how’ does a helium leak detector work, the tracer gas, helium, is introduced to a test part, either through pressurizing the interior of a test part with helium or spraying helium on the outside of a test part while the inside of the part is being evacuated by the leak detector.  The helium leaking through the test part enters through the system and this partial pressure is measured and the results are displayed on a meter. 

Why using helium leak detectors is important

Helium leak detectors are one of the best ways to trace gas and locate unwanted helium leaks. It is also one of the best and accurate types of vacuum leak testing and leak detection. This is why, when it comes to purchasing helium leak detector, it is important to find one on AVAC Industires where quality is guaranteed.


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