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A-VAC is proud to offer the Highest Quality Vacuum Pumps and Blowers by renowned companies including Welch Gardner Denver, Alcatel Adixen Pfeiffer, Leybold, Edwards, Anest, Stokes, and Agilent.

Gauges and Tubes

Ionization Gauge Tubes - PYREX 1

Ionization Gauge Tubes - PYREX 1" dual filament 6-pin 51.03220.01

Ionization Gauge Tubes - KOVAR TUNGSTEN CONFLAT 2.75

Ionization Gauge Tubes - KOVAR TUNGSTEN CONFLAT 2.75" Varian 5729K7360- 307 Gran.Phlps 274-018 51.05200.01

Ionization Gauge Tubes - KOVAR TUNGSTEN 1" 51.03230.01


KOVAR 51.03230.01 Varian 572-K7360-302 Gran.Phlps 274-016

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For accurate, dependable ion gauge readings, quality gauge tubes are a must. Made to A-VAC?s standards, our line of ion tubes offer the quality you need at a price that won?t make the purchasing department scream.

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