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Oilless Vacuum Pump

Oilless Vacuum Pump

Here at A-VAC Industries, we provide rapid response, quality service, and assurance for what we sell, service, and rebuild vacuum pumps. Since these pumps don't require lubrication, there's no risk of oil contamination. Choose from the best quality manufacturers, Edwards, Alcatel Adixen Pfeiffer, Busch, Leybold, Anest Iwata, Welch, and Across International. AVAC Industries has over 60 years of experience repairing and rebuilding oilless vacuum pumps. 

At A-VAC, we are proud of our over 49 year history of providing economical high-quality oilless vacuum pumps.

Purchasing products from an authorized distributor who’s been in business for decades gives you a guarantee of quality and ease of operation now and in the future. Purchasing from AVAC Industries will give you peace of mind.


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