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Medium Pfeiffer Vacuum Pumps

Pfeiffer High Vacuum Pumps

Pfeiffer Vacuum stands for innovative and custom vacuum solutions worldwide. For competent advice, reliable service, and german engineering art, you can rely on Pfeiffer! While vacuum produces conditions that are similar to those encountered in outer space and are indispensable in the production of numerous high-tech products, it is also used to produce many of the items that are used in our daily lives. Pfeiffer vacuum products are available to purchase new and rebuilt on our website as well as professional service at our location.

This month’s featured product!: Modular Pfeiffer Turbo Pumping Stations for a clean Vacuum
Pfeiffer Vacuum has developed the perfect vacuum solution for your applications in the fields of research and development, accelerators, analytics, and surface physics as well as vacuum process technology and general vacuum applications.
Thanks to the modular design principle, we can offer you never-before-seen versatility with the HiCube series that satisfies the widest range of requirements in the pumping speed range from 35 l/s to 685 l/s. Turbopump and backing pump are matched perfectly to one another: “Plug and Play”, just the way you want your pumps to be.
What’s so special about Pfeiffer Vacuum solutions? The combination of products that include high Pfeiffer vacuum pumps and a backing pump designed for the user’s specific application needs. Pfeiffer vacuum pumping solutions can experience on our website (or give our office a call) and we can go over different solutions that may better fit your vacuum pump’s needs.
Customer benefits
• Optimally inter-coordinated combination of turbopump and backing pump; for the widest range of Pfeiffer applications
• Modular design affords simple customization for the application or products in question
• Service friendly, due to good accessibility of the individual components
• Integrated drive electronics; no additional control system needed
• “Plug and Play components” – no installation or cabling required on the vacuum pumps
• Robust engineering makes for long service life and high reliability
• Fore-vacuum safety valve (optional) prevents the recipient from venting in the event of a power failure
• Direct connection of vacuum products, gauges, and equipment possible
Research and development
Analysis and surface physics
Vacuum technology process
General vacuum applications
Best experience in Pfeiffer Products equipment

The complete Solution for High Pfeiffer Vacuum Applications
Thanks to their mobility, all Pfeiffer Vacuum Pumps, and pumping stations are the easiest way to generate high vacuum right where it’s needed. Its robust engineering and the ready-to-connect, fully automated pump unit assure the utmost in dependability. AVAC Industries has new and rebuilt Pfeiffer vacuum pumps to experience on our website. If you are interested in learning more about vacuum technology, leak detection or equipment, please call our office or contact us via form submission on our website.

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