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Dual Pump

Industrial Vacuum Tank Systems
Our central vacuum systems are designed for applications requiring a dependable, ready to run vacuum supply. They are ideal for medical facilities, automatic test equipment, vacuum forming and vacuum chucking. All systems are assembled with the highest quality components available including direct drive vacuum pumps, ASME-approved vacuum vessels, brass construction isolation valves, in-line check valves, adjustable vacuum switches, & bourdon tube vacuum gauges.
A-VAC Central Vacuum are Systems Perfect for:

• Packaging
• Electronic Packaging Plants
• Carbon Fiber / vacuum Bagging

DUPLEX SYSTEMS: In addition to including all the features of the simplex systems, our duplex central vacuum systems incorporate a lead / lag pumping system. By alternating the pumps each time they turn on, pump wear and run-time is more evenly distributed. And when it comes time to service or maintain the pump, a simple switch can be activated, allowing only one pump to cycle while the second pump is being serviced. This allows for continuous operation and minimal down-time while pumps are being serviced. Feel free to call or email us for pricing and further information.

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