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Agilent Varian Dry Scroll SH110 Dry Oilless Vacuum Pump 4 CFM REBUILT w/1 Year Warranty


SKU: 40.08029.02

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Weight60 lbs
New / Rebuilt


Level of Vacuum

CFM / L/M (Displacement)

Inlet / Exhaust



All oilless scroll pumps rebuilt and sold through AVAC Industries have been completely disassembled, cleaned, re-machined and carefully inspected for wear by our factory-trained technicians. Units are assembled with new tip seals, shaft seals and bearings, new oil, and then undergo an extended performance test to meet or exceed OEM specifications. The unit will then be painted, detailed, and pass a final quality assurance inspection prior to shipping. The final test certificate will be provided with the unit, which will be covered with a one- year warranty.

The Varian SH-110 is a dry, hermetic scroll pump that provides industry-leading features designed for easy integration into original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) systems. This single-stage pump produces a pumping speed of 110 L/m (on 60 Hz power) and achieves an ultimate pressure of 50 mtorr (0.07 mbar) in a compact package that is also ideally suited to end-user applications. The SH-110 pump conforms with CE, CSA, and Semi S2-0200 requirements.

Oil-Free Vac Pumps Provide Quiet Operation

Most vacuum pumps using oils can make maintenance a difficult experience. The hassle of waste oil disposal and the smell of odors can put off anyone using the vacuum pump. Oilless vacuum pumps, also known as dry vacuum pumps, have become a popular alternative for mess-free and easy cleanup as well as being quiet vacuum pumps.

Oil less Pump Vacuum Operation

­­In recent times, Oil less vacuum pumps have risen in popularity while the price has stayed somewhat the same. The average price for an oil less vacuum pump can range from $1,000 to $10,000. Once used primarily in the medical industry to supply uncontaminated air, now industries such as science and lab testing use vacuum pumps with sensitive instruments and experiments. Oilless Vacuum pumps are an ideal choice for many applications. Contact us at AVAC Industries (All Rights Reserved) to see if these vacuum pumps items are right for you or if you are interested in learning more about our oil-less vacuum pump products. If you are reaching out for help in regard to the pressure of your oilless pumps vacuum, please call our service department directly.

Vacuum Pumps Available at AVAC Industries

Avac Industries provides new and rebuilt vacuum pumps that are compact products that are free from any additional pressure. Feel free to contact Avac Industries regarding a product or item if you have any additional questions or need help deciding on which products would be right for you and your need.

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