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Pfeiffer Dual Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump DUO 5M 5 CFM NEW PKD61707 1PH

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SKU: 40.00004.01

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Weight 70 lbs
New / Rebuilt

Level of Vacuum

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Alcatel Pfeiffer DUO 5M rotary vane vacuum pumps address the requirements of all major vacuum applications in diverse industries. Available in five different series, these pumps are dedicated to specific applications, with most models available in universal single phase or three phase.


  • Compact design
  • Broad Range of Pumping Speeds
  • Designs for Specific Applications
  • Low Noise Levels
  • Universal Motor
  • Gas Ballast

Different fluids, such as PFPE fluids, corrosive configurations, and motor voltages are available. Please call for details.

Where indicated by price, most models are available new or completely remanufactured, covered with a full one year warranty.

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Pfeiffer Dual Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump DUO 5M 5 CFM NEW PKD61707 1PH Specifications


Emission sound pressure level without gas ballast <= 57 dB (A)
Flange (in) DN 16 ISO-KF
Flange (out) DN 16 ISO-KF
Leak rate safety valve <= 1 · 10-5  Pa
Magnetic coupling Yes
Mains requirement: voltage 50 Hz 95-120 (± 5 %) V
Mains requirement: voltage 60 Hz 105-120 (± 5 %) V
Operating fluid filling 0.75 l
Pumping speed at 60 Hz 6 m3/h
Rated power 60 Hz 0.37 kW
Rotation speed at 60 Hz 1800 min-1
Switch Yes, with 2 m cable and US plug
Ultimate pressure with gas ballast 7 · 10-3  hPa
Ultimate pressure without gas ballast 4 · 10-3  hPa
Weight 25 kg

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DUO 5M Series