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Dual Pump Vacuum Tank System 15 CFM 60 Gallon Tank 3ph 230/460v 76.00004.01

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SKU: 76.00004.01

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Our central vacuum systems are designed for applications requiring a dependable, ready to run vacuum supply. They are ideal for medical facilities, automatic test equipment, vacuum forming and vacuum chucking. All systems are assembled with the highest quality components available including direct drive vacuum pumps, ASME-approved vacuum vessels, brass construction isolation valves, in-line check valves, adjustable vacuum switches, & bourdon tube vacuum gauges.

A-VAC Central Vacuum are Systems Perfect for:

  • Packaging
  • Electronic Packaging Plants
  • Carbon Fiber / vacuum Bagging


DUPLEX SYSTEMS: In addition to including all the features of the simplex systems, our duplex central vacuum systems incorporate a lead / lag pumping system. By alternating the pumps each time they turn on, pump wear and run-time is more evenly distributed. And when it comes time to service or maintain the pump, a simple switch can be activated, allowing only one pump to cycle while the second pump is being serviced. This allows for continuous operation and minimal down-time while pumps are being serviced. Feel free to call or email us for pricing and further information.

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Operating and Maintenance Instructions

A-VAC dual-pump vacuum systems are designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. They are completely automatic and will start and stop automatically, at preset, but adjustable vacuum levels.

Adjustable Vacuum SwitchOn-Off Switch

Getting started


Electricity: System runs on 230 volt, 3-phase power and requires a minimum of 12 amp service. Locate adequate circuit and connect to wiring coming from main control box. ( small box on front of system, w/ red and black buttons)

Prior to operation, pump rotation must be verified. To do so, momentarily turn main power switch ‘on’ (black button) while observing pump rotation. This is done by watching the direction of fan rotation as the pump turns. Proper rotation is indicated by an arrow on each pump. Quickly turn main power on and off. Should pump spin

backward, switch any two of the three incoming 230 volt power wires. This will reverse pump direction. Once proper rotation is verified, the machine can be powered up. Pump ‘A’ will run until the holding tank has achieved a vacuum level of 27-28”. Pump will turn off at this point. The internal duplexing relay will switch to pump ’B’ and when vacuum level needs to be replenished,  pump ‘B’ will turn on automatically.

Exhaust Plumbing: Each pump has a 1 1/4”  female exhaust port, which exits from end of pump next to the electric motors. Though not required, it is recommended that these tubes be connected to tubing which vents to the outside.

Intake Plumbing: When viewed from the front of the system, the intake / vacuum valve is located on the left end of the system. This valve has  a 1” female pipe thread connection. It is here that vacuum line must be connected. After connections are made, the manual ball valve can be opened.

Start Up:

After all electrical and plumbing connections have been made, machine can be powered up. To turn on the machine, use the ‘Main Power’ switch, located on the front of the machine. Push in the black-colored button. This will supply power to vacuum pump ‘A’, which will be begin to run. Note that pump will continue to run until 27-28” vacuum level is obtained and then shut off automatically.

Shutting Down: System can be left with ‘Power On’ and continue to cycle as needed. For long periods of inactivity, it is recommended that power be shut off and system vented to atmosphere.

Maintenance: This vacuum system was designed to be very low-maintenance. There are only a few things to maintain, which will assure years of trouble-free operation.

Vacuum pump servicing: Leybold SV-series vacuum pumps are utilized on this system. These are very reliable vacuum pumps. Whenever pumps are going to be serviced, it is recommended that all voltage be removed from system. If this is not possible, the duplexing relay, located inside the main control box can be switched, to cycle either pump ‘A’ or pump ‘B’. This will lock out the pump being serviced while remaining pump will continue to cycle normally. After servicing, be sure to return switch to center position, so both pumps will alternatively cycle.

To ensure the pumps continued trouble-free operation, check pump oil level after every week of operation. Oil should be added through the oil fill port. Oil should be changed every six months or when contamination is seen through oil level sight glass. Exhaust filters should be changed as needed or as recommended in vacuum pump owners manual, as well. Refer to supplied vacuum pump owner’s manual for maintenance details.

Vacuum Switch Adjustment: Vacuum level has been preset to shut pumps off at 27-28” of vacuum and turn back on at 17-18”. Should user require different settings, they are easily changed with adjustment screws inside the vacuum switch assembly. Refer to vacuum switch owners manual for details.

We at A-VAC trust your new custom vacuum system will provide years of trouble-free use and increased productivity. Should you have any technical questions, require additional units or need to order replacement parts, feel free to call us at 800-747-2821.

These are instructions for a particular model of Vacuum Tank System. Your system may have different sizes of fittings, depending on the size of system.