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Economy Vacuum Chambers – 10 1/4″ HT. X 8 3/4″ O.D. 35.10037.01


SKU: 35.10037.01

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Weight7 lbs
Level of Vacuum


The unique shape offers maximum interior clearances for more or larger contents without further crowding the benchtop. The thick walls ensure a rugged shatter resistant unit that simply stores a vacuum or stays sealed even if not under vacuum.

The included polypropylene stopcock has a vivid, red handle to immediately determine its orientation and a port that accepts 1/4″ (6.4mm) I.D. vacuum tubing. The top section can be lifted off using the large ribbed knob at the top center. A Neoprene O-ring offers a secure seal, which does not require grease, but is unaffected if grease is applied.

A rigid, perforated polypropylene plate, 3.2 mm (1/8″) thick supports the contents and leaves space underneath for desiccant backup if desired. The plate is removable. Replacement parts are available. Small footprint with 13% more interior volume than typical desiccator domes Glass transparent, shatter resistant polycarbonate upper and lower sections offer unobstructed viewing of contents Stores full vacuum 29.9″ Hg (759mm) at room temperature for 24 hours without need for vacuum grease. Features include a space saving design which provides maximum interior clearances and extra heavy walls for shatterproof durability.

Size – 10 1/4″ HT. X 8 3/4″ O.D.