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Edwards EMF10 Exhaust Filter w/ Odor Eliminator NW25 up to 6 CFM 33.66093.01


SKU: 33.66093.01

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Weight 5 lbs
New / Rebuilt

CFM / L/M (Displacement)



EMF10 Mist filters capture oil mist from the outlet of pumps, which would otherwise be ejected into the atmosphere. This may happen when you use gas ballast or when you pump high gas throughputs. You can also return oil trapped in the mist filter back to the pump, although you must ensure that the process gases will not contaminate the pump or pump oil.

The EMF10 mist filter is suitable for use with Edwards RV3, RV5, RV8 and simular size Pfeiffer ,Alcatel, Welch, Leybold and other pumps. They are very efficient at 99.999% DOP test and are also azide proof. The white bottom half of the body is semi-transparent, allowing the oil level to be monitored. The EMF filters have a unique odor element which neutralizes the smell of oil mist.

Applications where vacuum pump exhaust odor is a problem, such as:

  • Essential Oil extraction
  • Vacuum Ovens
  • BHO
  • Electron Microscopes
  • Residual Gas Analyzers
  • Rotary Evaporators, AKA RotoVaps that strip ethanol off of Oils dissolved in Ethanol
  • Filtration of volatiles
  • Purging and short path distillation
  • One Year Warranty

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EMF3, EMF10 and EMF20 Oil Mist Filters