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Edwards E2M30 Vacuum Pump 3 PHASE 208-230/460V 22.5 cfm REBUILT w/ 1 Year Warranty A37401982


SKU: 40.22625.02

OIL : 1.58 QT / 1.5 L

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Weight130 lbs
New / Rebuilt

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All high vacuum pumps rebuilt and sold through AVAC have been completely disassembled, cleaned, re-machined and carefully inspected for wear by our factory trained technicians. Units are assembled with new vanes, shaft seals, exhaust valves, gaskets, springs, oil distribution valves and bearings prior to undergoing an extended performance test to meet or exceed OEM specifications. All pumps are then painted, detailed, and pass a final quality assurance inspection prior to shipping. A final test certificate is provided with each pump, which will be covered with a one-year warranty.

The EM range of oil-sealed rotary pumps - renowned for its high ultimate vacuum, rapid pumping speed, quiet operation and ability to handle vapor - has become the industry standard for laboratory applications. All pumps in the range are independently approved to UL and CSA standards.

EM Series Oil-Sealed Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps 

EM Series pumps are rugged, mechanical oil-sealed pumps with speeds ranging from 0.7 to 28 m3/hr depending on model size and stage. Compact and quiet, they feature advanced lubrication circuits, high reliability, and accessories to suit your specific application needs.

  • Quiet Operation:
    Better Working Environment
  • Reliable Performance:
    Proven in a range of laboratory and industrial applications
  • Free standing unit and compact design:
    Flexibility of use
  • Gas ballast valve:
    Large vapor handling capacity

Edwards E2M30 Vacuum Pump 3 PHASE 208-230/460V 22.5 cfm Specifications


50 Hz electrical supply19 cfm
60 Hz electrical supply23 cfm
Maximum  pumping speed - Pneurop 
50 Hz electrical supply16.2 cfm
60 Hz electrical supply19.4 cfm
Motor  rotational speed 
50 Hz electrical supply1440 r min⁻1
60  Hz electrical supply1720 r min⁻1
Ultimate vacuum 
without gas-ballast (partial pressure)7 x 10⁻5 torr
without gas-ballast (total pressure)7 x 10⁻4 torr
with full gas-ballast (partial pressure)1.5 x 10⁻1 torr
Maximum water vapour inlet pressure22.5 torr
Edwards E2M30

Edwards E2M30

The Edwards E2M30 is a highly versatile rotary vane pump. Its superior vapor handling capability and quiet operation make it a great choice for many laboratory and industrial applications. The Edwards E2M30 is easy to maintain and dependable. This brand guarantees quality and versatility for each vacuum pump operation. They have a good reputation for their reliability and quality.

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Edwards E2M30 Vacuum Pump

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