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Fomblin Vacuum Pump Oil / Krytox PFPE vacuum pump Fluid – Y25/6, 1kg


SKU: 23.10000.05

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Weight 3 lbs


When it comes to vacuum fluids, A-VAC has got you covered! Our huge parts department stands at the ready, stocking hydrocarbon fluids, PFPE fluids, diffusion pump oil, silicon vacuum fluids, turbo pump oil and grease, vacuum greases and many other vacuum pump oils and fluids.

Fomblin / Krytox PFPE vacuum pump Fluid
The original and still the best PFPE vacuum pump fluid available. For oxygen pumping applications. Chemically inert and oxygen compatible. Other inert fluids also available.

23.10000.05 Fomblin Y25/6, 1 Kilogram 

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Fomblin Material Safety Data Sheet

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