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Helium Leak Detector Adixen ASM 390 ASM390 Mobile, High Performance. Rapid Pump Down. Semi S2 Compliant. Turbo Pump. Two Year Warranty CSGB01G2MM9A

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SKU: 10.60002.01

Please Contact us for Shipping Rates The Pfeiffer Adixen mobile helium leak detector is optimized for rapid pump down and short response times on large test objects.

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Weight 300 lbs

CFM / L/M (Displacement)



Smart and Extremely User- Friendly: The ASM 390

The ASM 390 is the perfect leak detection solution adapted to the semiconductor and display industries as well as to other demanding applications where rapid pump down and high sensitivity is key.

These leak detectors are fitted with a dry frictionless backing pump and a powerful high vacuum pump, making it the ideal tool for leak testing of various components in clean environments. Robust, accurate and reliable. The ASM 390 was developed to provide full confidence in leak testing regardless of the operator’s knowledge. It delivers premium performances and accurate results in a minimal time, making it highly efficient in the field. Ergonomic and highly maneuverable, the ASM 390 is uniquely ergonomic with a convenient size and height, a secondary handle in the front, a fully rotatable, removable display, an inlet in the front for easy connection to test ports and unrivaled maneuverability for access to all testing areas, even in tight spaces. Smart and user-friendly.

Thanks to a wide, clear color touch display panel, an integrated toolbox with modular compartments and storage space for vacuum bellows, you will be amazed how easy leak detection can be when you have all necessary accessories at the point of use.

This version   RS-232 Data Port, USB, other options available.


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Helium Leak Detector Adixen ASM 390 Mobile, High Performance. Rapid Pump Down. Semi S2 Compliant. Turbo Pump Specifications


Features     ASM 390
Detectable gases                                                                                               
Min. detectable leak rate for Helium (vacuum leak detection)                         
Min. detectable leak rate for Helium (sniffer leak detection)                            
4He, 3He, H2
1·10­12 mbar l/s
1·10­8 mbar l/s
Helium pumping speed     10 l/s
Backing capacity       35 m³/h
Maximum inlet test pressure      20 mbar (and additional massive mode) 
Start­up time (20°C) without calibration                                       2 min
Inlet flange  DN 40 ISO­KF
Response time < 1 s
Interface RS­232, I/O, Ethernet (consult operating instructions for more details)
Noise level ≤ 55 dB (A)
Operating temperature      10­35 °C
Supply voltage  100­240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption       800 W
Power consumption  max.     1600 W
Weight                                                                                                               125 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)                                                                                         1,072 x 455 x 1,025 mm

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Helium Leak Detector Adixen