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EXHAUST FILTER NW40 for up to 55 CFM Leybold, Edwards, Welch, Alcatel, etc. 33.66029.01


SKU: 33.66029.01

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
CFM / L/M (Displacement)


DIMS 9.25″ X 2.12″ X 10.25″


Exhaust Filters

The most common heard complaint about oil-filled vacuum pumps is the messy oil mist that comes from the exhaust. Whenever large volumes of air are pumped through a vacuum pump, there is a high probability of oil mist discharging out the exhaust port.

To minimize this occurrence, A-VAC recommends the use of high quality oil mist exhaust filters on all oil-filled vacuum pumps.

Available in all standard CFM and flanges sizes, A-VAC exhaust filters feature 99.97% trapping capability. Shipped complete with replaceable element and o-ring sealed lid.

Please inquire about additional sizes and configurations.