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Leybold D40B Vacuum Pump 32.5 cfm REBUILT w/ 1 Year Warranty 11286

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Weight 185 lbs
New / Rebuilt

Level of Vacuum

CFM / L/M (Displacement)

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All high vacuum pumps rebuilt and sold through AVAC have been completely disassembled, cleaned, re-machined and carefully inspected for wear by our factory trained technicians. Units are assembled with new vanes, shaft seals, exhaust valves, gaskets, springs, oil distribution valves and bearings prior to undergoing an extended performance test to meet or exceed OEM specifications. All pumps are then painted, detailed, and pass a final quality assurance inspection prior to shipping. A final test certificate is provided with each pump, which will be covered with a one-year warranty.


TRIVAC B vacuum pumps are designed for reliability and long service-life in mind. Directly linked to the motor via an elastic coupling element to ensure that the pump runs evenly and smoothly. With a type B 14 flanged motor screwed to the housing of the coupling. All pumps include a gas ballast valve as well as an inner section which may be exchanged without special tools or any special knowledge.

Trouble-free operation even at 1000 mbar intake pressure is ensured by a built-in oil pump, providing force-feed lubrication of the bearings from where a minimum amount of lubricant is fed to the compression and expansion chambers to ensure lubrication of the sliding vanes.

To minimize surface corrosion all components are protected by eliminating non-ferrous metals. The oil box, intake and exhaust line are made of aluminum and only solvent-resistant sealing materials are employed.

Special features

  • Environment-friendly
  • Low noise
  • Low vibration
  • Modern vacuum technology
  • High pumping speed right down to the ultimate pressure
  • Low ultimate pressure, even with gas ballast
  • High water vapor tolerance
  • Continuous operation right up to 1000 mbar
  • Built-in oil pump, force-feed lubrication sliding bearing
  • Minimal inherent air intake
  • Compact, air cooled
  • Handy, retractable handle
  • All controls and oil level check on the front side
  • Either horizontal or vertical intake and exhaust port
  • Pressure-controlled anti-suckback valve
  • Shaft seals and O-rings are all made of elastomer FPM

Leybold D40B Vacuum Pump 32.5 cfm REBUILT w/ 1 Year Warranty 11286 Specifications


  50 Hz60 Hz
Nominal pumping speed 1)m3 x h-1 (cfm)46 (27)55 (32.5)
Pumping speed 1)m3 x h-1 (cfm)40 (24)48 (28)
Ultimate partial pressure without gas ballast 1)                          mbar (Torr)10-4 (0.75 x 10-4)10-4 (0.75 x 10-4)
Ultimate total pressure without gas ballast 1)                          mbar (Torr)

< 2 x 10-3 (< 1.5 x 10-3)

< 2 x 10-3 (< 1.5 x 10-3)

Ultimate total pressure with gas ballast 1)                              mbar (Torr)                                              < 5 x 10-3 (< 3.8 x 10-3)                                              < 5 x 10-3 (< 3.8 x 10-3)
Water vapor tolerance 1)mbar (Torr)40 (30)40 (30)
Water vapor capacityg/h11841184
Oil filling, min. / max.l (qt)1.7 / 2.6 (1.8 / 2.7)1.7 / 2.6 (1.8 / 2.7)
Noise level 2) to DIN 45 635, without / with gas ballastdB(A)                                            57 / 59                                                  57 / 59
Admissible ambient temperature°C (°F)12 - 40 (54 - 104)12 - 40 (54 - 104)
Motor rating 2)W (HP)2200 (3.0)2200 (3.0)
Nominal speedrpm14201710
Type of protection 3)IP5454
Weight 2)kg (lbs)68 (150)68 (150)
Connections, Intake and ExhaustDN40 KF40 KF

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TRIVAC D 40, 65