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NEW Portable Leybold Phoenix 4 QUADRO Light wt Helium Leak Detector 251000V02 Two Year Warranty

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SKU: 10.30831.01

The newest generation of Leybold helium leak detectors are awesome!

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Weight41 lbs
New / Rebuilt


Level of Vacuum




Leak rate: bis 5 x 10-12 mbar l/s


The new generation of leak detectors. Where precision meets speed, with your convenience in mind.

The new PHOENIX Quadro and Quadro dry

■ Available with oil-sealed or dry backing pump
■ Detection sensitivity improved by turbo pump’s optimized helium pumping speed
■ Pumping speed during the evacuation from 2,5 m3/h up to 3 m3/h
■ More data flexibility: USB and bus interface options



A touch easier
Say goodbye to complicated menus on illegible displays. The new PHOENIX has state-of-the-art multicolored touchscreens with an intuitive menu structure. Hello, ease of use!

No fuss: easy login The new PHOENIX models are the only portable detectors on the market featuring easy login via Wi-Fi. Simply use your smartphone or tablet – no software or app to download.

Extremely sensitive All PHOENIX leak detectors feature an improved measurement system, with a new ULTRA mode for excellent helium sensitivity. Even the smallest leaks can be detected rapidly. The result: faster response times than ever before.



Whoever works with vacuum needs a leak detector. Ideally one that delivers precise results, time after time. One that offers easy data logging as well as remote operation. One that stands out by fitting in, seamlessly, to your system.

■ Research & Development
■ Industrial production
■ Semiconductor

Your benefits at a glance:

■ Highest accuracy and reliability thanks to proven measurement system
■ Fastest helium pumping speed allows most efficient measurements
■ Consistency and convenience: Save all parameters and copy them to other PHOENIX leak detectors
■ Innovative touchscreen with intuitive menu structure
■ Handy and portable: very small dimensions and low weight
■ Log in using Wi-Fi on your smart phone or tablet. No app or software needed!
■ Easy internal and external data logging: no measured values are ever lost
■ HDMI interface lets you check leaks from anywhere by adding external displays
■ Find the perfect fit: three different models to better suit your needs


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or a Pfeiffer Duo 2.5 Vacuum Pump

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