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Panther Gas Check Detector Handheld with USB Cable and USB Adaptor PAXSRXML-X


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Weight 6.5 lbs


Panther Gas Leak Detector

With over 30 years of experience in leak detection, the Panther continues on the success of its predecessor, the Gas Check series. For searching and to pinpoint location of positively charged/pressurized gas leaks, the Panther is very easy to operate and is designed for single hand operation.

The Panther utilizes a micro-thermal conductivity sensor, for fast and accurate detection for many gases, such as helium, hydrogen, and refrigerant gases. The internal piezo pump offers extreme stability, even in drafty environments. The Panther has demonstrated relative immunity to high electro-magnetic field environments, which makes it an excellent tool for MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) servicing and maintenance.

Using the Panther is very easy. Simply turn it on, and place the tip close to any flange, piping, or the area that needs to be tested and verified and move the probe at a rate of 1 inch/second. (Note: Probe flow rate is 2 cc/sec, and response time is 1 sec.) Once a leak has been qualitatively pinpointed, the leak detector can then quantify the amount of leakage observed of the leaking test gas, choosing from a variety of measurement units, to express the actual leak rate. For applications where data logging is required, the Panther Pro offers up to 10 days of continuous logging.

Panther Gas Check Detector Handheld with USB Cable and USB Adaptor PAXSRXML-X Specifications

Detector• Micro thermal conductivity detector (MTCD)
Battery TypeRechargeable Li-ion battery
Battery Life• 20 hours
Audible Alarm• ≥ 90 dB @ 10 cm
Factory CalibrationAt 50 % relative humidity (room
• 5000 ppm Helium (± 5%)
• Leak: 0.0005 cc/sec (± 5%)
Data logging• 10 days continuous
Sensitivity (cc/s)• Helium: 5 x 10-6
• Hydrogen: 3.8 x 10-6
Response• T90: 1 second
Flow Rate• 2 cc/min
Ingress Protection• IP44
Temperature• Operating
32°F to 122°F
Humidity• 0 - 99% R.H
Weight & Dimension• 447 g (approx.)
• 320 x 80 x 55 mm (approx.)

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Gas Leak Detector Handheld