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Sniffing Helium Leak Detector Adixen ASM 306S ASM306S RSAS00A0MM9A

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SKU: 10.60005.01

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Weight 48.5 lbs
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Adixen's Newest Helium Leak Detector

The new ASM 340 Helium Leak Detector assures top performance in vacuum or sniffing helium leak detection for many different applications. This dependable Helium Leak Detector can be used both for qualitative localization of leaks as well as quantitative global or local testing.

  • 2.5 l/s helium pumping speed
  • U.S. or European Voltage
  • Customizable and detachable operator interface
  • Integrated SD card for data processing
  • Wired or wireless remote control and sniffer probes available as accessories
  • Powerful rotary vane pump with 15 m3 capacity
  • Minimum detectable leak rate for He (Sniffing leak detection) 5. 10-10 Pa
  • Minimum detectable leak rate for He (Vacuum leak detection) < 5. 10-13
  • Weight: 124 Lbs.

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Sniffing Helium Leak Detector Adixen ASM 306S RSAS00A0MM9A Specifications


Technical Data ASM 306 S
Backing pump With oil free backing pump
Dimensions (L x W x H) 350 x 305 x 421 mm |
13.78 x 12.01 x 16.57 inch
I/O interfaces Basic 15 pins I/O
Interface: Connection, device side Basic 15 pins I/O
Minimum detectable leakage rate for helium (sniffing leak detection) 1 · 10-8 Pa m3/s | 7.5 · 10-8 Torr l/s |
1 · 10-7 mbar l/s
Operating temperature 10-40 °C | 50-104 °F | 283-313 K
Power consumption max. 300 VA
Response time 1 s
Sound pressure level 55 dB(A)
Start-up time (20°C) without calibration 2 min
Supply 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Test method Sniffing leak detection
User interface High resolution graphic color touch screen (deta chable)
Weight 22 kg | 48.5 lb

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Helium Leak Detector Adixen ASM 306S