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Leybold Vacuum Blower WS1001LF 588 cfm REBUILT w/ 1 Year Warranty

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SKU: 40.33864.02

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Weight 565 lbs
Level of Vacuum

CFM / L/M (Displacement)

Inlet / Exhaust





RUVAC roots pumps have been manufactured by Leybold Vacuum for many decades. The dry compressor roots principle has proven itself in many areas of vacuum technology. Combined with oil-sealed fore-vacuum pumps, RUVAC roots pumps are used very effectively to increase the pumping speed at low pressures, thus extending the operating pressure range of the fore-vacuum pumps.

RUVAC roots pumps are manufactured in three series with different motor drives. The RUVAC WA series uses air cooled, flange-mounted standard three phase motors. The RUVAC WS series are equipped with canned (rotor) motors in air-cooled or water-cooled versions.

Each series consists of various sizes to always provide an optimized pumping speed for each application. All three series are available with or without integrated bypass.


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Leybold Vacuum Blower WS1001LF 588 cfm REBUILT w/ 1 Year Warranty Specifications


 50 Hz 60 Hz
Nominal pumping speed 1)                         m3 x h-1 (cfm)1000 (589)1200 (707)
Max. permissible pressure difference
during continuous operation                    mbar (Torr)
80 (60)80 (60)
Main supply
D / Y                                                                            V
200-230 / 400200-265 / 460
Motor power                                                   kW (hp)7.5 (10.2)8.5 (11.6)
Nominal speed                                                     rpm30003600
Max. permissible speed                                      rpm60006000
Type of protection                                                  IP2020
Oil filling of the bearing chambers                  l (qt)1.2 (1.27)1.2 (1.27)
Connection flange DIN 2501                              DN100100
Weight                                                           kg (lbs)275 (606.4)275 (606.4)
Cooling water pressure                               bar (psi)

1 - 5 (14.5 - 72.5)           

1 - 5 (14.5 - 72.5)           
Cooling water throughput                      l x h-1 (cfm)200.0 (0.9)200.0 (0.9)
Hose connection for hose6 x 16 x 1

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Roots Vacuum Pumps for Laser Gas Systems