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Leybold Vacuum Blower WSU1001 NEW 11743 588 CFM 230/460V 3ph

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Weight565 lbs
New / Rebuilt

Level of Vacuum

CFM / L/M (Displacement)

Inlet / Exhaust




These Reliable, Safe, Rugged RUVAC roots pumps have been manufactured by Leybold for decades.
Combined with dry or oil-sealed fore vacuum pumps, RUVAC roots pumps are used effectively to increase the pumping speed at low pressures, extending the operating pressure range of the fore-vacuum pumps.

  • RUVAC roots pumps can be used either in vertical or horizontal position, ensuring flexibility  for compact design within systems. The position can be changed if needed.
  • RUVAC roots pumps have rugged bearings, which in combination with the highly efficient lubrication systems provides quiet operation.
  • The stator and rotor coils in the drive motor of the RUVAC WSU are separated by a vacuum sealed can.

The canned (rotor) motors combined with the highly efficient lubrication system in the RUVAC WS series allow running speeds up to 6,000 RPM (with frequency converter).
This means increased pumping speed with the same size of pump. The entire WA(U) range complies with the energy efficiency class IE3.


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