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Vacuum Grease 16 oz. jar


SKU: 22.09000.16

Pro-Torr Silicone Vacuum Grease

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Weight 2 lbs


When it comes to vacuum fluids, A-VAC has got you covered! Our huge parts department stands at the ready, stocking hydrocarbon fluids, PFPE fluids, diffusion pump oil, silicon vacuum fluids, turbo pump oil and grease, vacuum greases and many other vacuum pump oils and fluids.

vacuum grease 16 oz. jar Pro-Torr High Vacuum Grease is a stiff, nonmelting silicone lubricating material that has much higher stability at the higher end of the temperature range(-40° C to 200° C), than hydrocarbon greases. This grease is very popular as a general laboratory lubricant, in large part to its low cost . The product is very popular as a stop cock grease as well as for use as an anti-seize grease in ground glass joints. Pro-Torr Silicone Vacuum Grease is also used to lubricate synthetic and silicone rubber gaskets being used in high temperature applications