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Welch Dry Vacuum Pumps 2047B-01 DRYFAST 2.5 cfm NEW 115V 1PH

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SKU: 40.44145.01

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Weight 25 lbs
New / Rebuilt

Level of Vacuum

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As a Welch distributor, we are proud to offer their full line of PTFE oil-free laboratory vacuum pumps for chemical duty to pump acid vapors and corrosive gases as well as economical standard lab duty pumps in a range of sizes and vacuum levels for pumping water vapor and non-corrosive gases. The GELMASTER® and SELF-CLEANING DRY VACUUM SYSTEMS are fully configured for gel drying, and for rotary evaporation and other applications. Finally, Welch dry rotary vane pumps are an economical solution for pumping dry air.

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Welch Dry Vacuum Pumps 2047B-01 DRYFAST 2.5 cfm NEW 115V 1PH Specifications

 General Purpose PumpsDRYFAST PumpsDRYFAST ULTRA  Pumps
Welch Model20102012203420442037204720322042
Free Air Displacement    
CFM(L/min) @ 60Hz 0.45(12.7)0.78(22)0.9(25)1.2(35)1.8(50)2.5(70)0.9(25)1.2(35)
 m3/hr(L/min) @ 50Hz0.63(10.6)1.1(18)1.25(21)1.75(29)2.5(42)3.5(58)1.25(21)1.75(29)
Ultimate Pressure, Torr(mbar)110(146)100(133)9(12)9(12)50(67)35(47)2(3)2(3)
Maximum Vacuum, in. 25.5                  2629.629.628.528.529.8529.85
 Motor Horsepower (watts)1/12(62)1/5(150)1/5(150)1/5(150)1/5(150)1/5(150)1/5(150)1/5(150)
Adjustable Vac./Gas BallastNoNoYesYesYesYesYesYes
Tubing Needed, I.D. in. (mm) 1/4(7)1/4(7)1/4(7)1/4(7)1/4(7)1/4(7)1/4(7)1/4(7)
 Intake/Exhaust Thread NPT1/41/41/41/41/41/41/41/4
Weight (lbs.)5.25(2.4)16.3(7.4)21.25(9.6)21.25(9.6)21.25(9.6)21.25(9.6)21.25(9.6)21.25(9.6)
Overall Dimensions    
 L in. (cm)6.3(16.0)10(25.4)13.8(35.2)13.8(35.2)13.8(35.2)13.8(35.2)13.8(35.2)13.8(35.2)
W in. (cm)5.5(14.0)7(17.8)6.8(17.2)6.8(17.2)6.8(17.2)6.8(17.2)6.8(17.2)6.8(17.2)
H in. (cm)7.5(19.0)6.9(17.5)8.8(22.3)8.8(22.3)8.8(22.3)8.8(22.3)8.8(22.3)8.8(22.3)
Ship Weight, lbs (kg)8(3.6)20(9.1)25(11.3)25(11.3)25(11.3)25(11.3)25(11.3)25(11.3)
Shipping Carton Dimensions16x13x13 (41x32x33)16x13x13 (41x32x33)21x14x15 (52x35x37)21x14x15 (52x35x37)21x14x15 (52x35x37)21x14x15 (52x35x37)21x14x15 (52x35x37)21x14x15 (52x35x37)
 L x W x H in. (cm)

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