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Welch Dry Vacuum Pump 2567B-50 WOB-L NEW 3.5 cfm

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SKU: 40.44174.01

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Weight 25 lbs
New / Rebuilt

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As a Welch distributor, we are proud to offer their full line of PTFE oil-free laboratory dry vacuum pump (oiless vacuum pump) for chemical duty to vacuum pumping acid vapors and corrosive gas, as well as economical standard lab duty, pumps in a range of sizes and vacuum levels for pumping water vapor and non-corrosive gas. The GELMASTER® and SELF-CLEANING DRY VACUUM SYSTEMS are fully configured for gel drying, and for rotary evaporation and other applications. Finally, the process of Welch oiless vacuum pump is an economical solution for pumping vacuum dry air.

Dry Vacuum Pump, also known as Oiless vacuum pumps

Here at A-VAC Industries, we provide rapid response, high-quality service, and assurance for what we sell, service, and rebuild. Dry vacuum pump and oiless vacuum pump are pumps that do not use any fluids or oil to create a vacuum. Choose from the best quality manufacturers, Edwards, Agilent Varian, Alcatel Adixen Pfeiffer, Leybold, Anest Iwata, and Welch. Our factory-trained technicians will repair your high vacuum equipment to meet or exceed OEM specifications utilizing the highest quality parts, products, oil, process, experience, and expertise around.

Dry Vacuum Pump Provide Quiet Operation with a wide range of applications

Most vacuum pumps using oils can make maintenance a difficult experience. The hassle of waste oil disposal and the smell of odors can put off anyone using the vacuum pump. Oiless vacuum pumps, also known as dry vacuum pumps, have become a popular alternative for mess-free and easy cleanup as well as being quiet vacuum pumps with a high variety of different product pump available.

In recent times, Dry vacuum pump and oiless vacuum pump have risen in popularity depending on what product, parts and process you are looking to achieve. The average price for a dry vacuum pump can range from $1,000 to $10,000 and go up from there. Dry Vacuum pumps are an ideal choice for many applications. Contact us at AVAC Industries (All Rights Reserved) to see if these dry vacuum pump items are right for you or if you are interested in learning more about our oil-less vacuum pump products. If you are reaching out for help in regard to the pressure of your oilless pumps vacuum, please call our service department directly.

Dry Vacuum Pump Available at AVAC Industries

Avac Industries provides new and rebuilt oiless vacuum pump and parts that are compact products and are free from any additional pressure. Contact Avac Industries regarding a product or item if you have any additional questions, are looking for an available dry vacuum, or need help deciding on which dry vacuum pumps products would be right for you and your need.

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