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Extraction Pumps & Botanical Purge Vacuum Ovens

To finish with superior product you must start with superior equipment.

Just as quality material is required for a quality concentrate, the same can be said for high vacuum equipment. You will never be able to produce a product superior to your competitor if you are trying to do it with inferior high vacuum equipment.  That is why we offer only the best equipment and supplies from our  trading partners, and we’re not going anywhere. 

At A-VAC, we are proud of our over 49 year history of providing economical high quality Rebuilt and New Vacuum Pumps to the Aerospace, Research & Development, Extraction / Botanical, Instrumentation, Government & Defense, Coating, Freeze Drying, Refrigeration, Light Bulbs / CRT, Medical / Dental, Semiconductor, Specialty Gases, Industrial Helium Leak Detection, Laboratory, Solar Industries and more. Choose AVAC for confident in your extraction equipment purchase now and later.

Don’t worry, we’ve got this.

Who buys new and rebuilt vacuum pumps and extraction equipment from A-VAC?

“Not only is Don McGregor a snappy dresser his team at A-VAC is amazing as well! I never worry when a pump goes down because I can trust that A-VAC can repair any vacuum system we throw at them. They provide excellent troubleshooting support as well which is important and amazing considering the prices are on point. Every business should have a little book with all the one stop shop numbers in it that can get stuff done and A-VAC is for sure one of those numbers! If you need a vacuum, a repair or just need help with anything vacuum related then get yourself to Anaheim and go see Don and his team!” 

Brain M.
The Clear

“My company has been using A-VAC for more than a decade. They have always provided us with excellent service. We have used A-VAC for new vacuum pumps, rebuilds, repairs, and parts. The staff is always very courteous, helpful, and professional. At the helm is Don McGregor. He has helped our company with his insight and troubleshooting. I don’t think there is a more knowledgeable person of vacuum pumps. If there is a question regarding vacuum, he is the only person I call.” 

Tommy Kayano
Vice President / Project Manager

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