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Pfeiffer Turbo Pumps

Pfeiffer Turbo Vacuum Pumps have pumping speeds between 10 and 2,700 liters/second. This high cost-efficient and flexible Pfeiffer turbopump are optimized to be reliable and can bear two different systems. The first system contains a ceramic ball bearing on the side of the fore vacuum. The 2nd system contains a magnetic radial bearing on the side of the high vacuum and an active magnetic bearing system. The bearing system makes no contact with the rotor causing no wear on it making it a great option.


The rotor design in the turbopump has a sophisticated design allowing high pumping speeds, backing pressures, and good compression values for light gases. The Pfeiffer Vacuum is excellent in safety standards. The mechanical safety of the turbopumps is due to the stability of the outer casing of the pump. It has been tested both theoretically and experimentally. Along with the mechanical stability, the turbopumps are had two-fold protection against excess rotation speed preventing failures such as fires.


The benefits of turbopumps are the long lifetime of the product as it can exceed 100,000 hours of operated use. The pump is made to keep it for going to maintenance or service work as little as possible. It was also developed to have oil and bearing changes be made on-site to keep maximum uptime. Modern vacuum technology uses state-of-the-art technology offering versatile control for the user while also minimizing the consumption of energy. These pumps have a compact design allowing it to be placed anywhere needed.


Vacuum technology plays an important role in product manufacturing and in research. Industries such as the optical glass industry use vacuums to apply anti-reflection and optical filter coatings onto glass lenses. Research facilities use vacuum pumps for nuclear particle physics and fusion research. Leak detection is also used heavily to check vehicle fuel tanks, airbag cartridges, and similar vacuum systems. There is also leak detection equipment available to check if your vacuum pump has any openings.