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Vacuum Chambers & Systems

Pro Torr Vacuum Desiccator, 18

Pro Torr Vacuum Desiccator, 18" X 20"

PROTORR CHAMBER - 12" x 12" Protorr Chamber Only

Our economy vacuum / altitude chambers work great for epoxy resin degassing and experimentation.

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Features include a space saving design which provides maximum interior clearances and extra heavy walls for shatterproof durability. Polycarbonate construction for viewing will hold a full vacuum (29+" Hg [759mm]) at room temperature for 24 hours and will remain air tight even if not under vacuum polycarbonate or polyetherimide jar white polypropylene or white polycarbonate plate Vacuum chamber systems include a transparent jar and gasketed vacuum plate with a tubing adapter that fits 1/4-in. I.D. tubing. 12" x 12" Protorr Chamber Only #35.50030.01

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