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Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump

The Modular Turbo Pumping Station for Clean Vacuum

Turbomolecular vacuum pumps work on the principle that gas molecules can be given momentum in the desired direction by colliding with a moving solid surface. In a turbomolecular vacuum pump, a rapidly spinning fan rotor 'hits' gas molecules from the inlet of the pump pressure towards the exhaust in order to create or maintain a vacuum pump pressure and speed.

The Operating Principles of a  Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump and Pumping Speeds

The pumping effect of a turbomolecular vacuum pump consists of blades that are based upon the transfer of impulses from the rotating blades to the gas molecules being pumped. A Turbomolecular vacuum pump has molecules that collide with the blades that are adsorbed and leave the blades again after a certain period of time. The compression ratio in this process, blade speed is added to the thermal molecular speed. To ensure that the speed component of a turbomolecular vacuum pump that is transferred by the blades is not lost with other molecules, the molecular flow must be available within the pump, meaning the free path must be greater than the blade spacing distance within the turbomolecular vacuum pump.

The turbomolecular vacuum pump works on the aspect that gas molecules when hit by a solid surface, will move in a specific direction. The turbomolecular vacuum pump consists of working parts that are not similar to a multi-bladed turbine, with blades along the whole length of the shaft within the turbomolecular vacuum pump creating pumping pressure for the molecular speed.

A turbomolecular vacuum pump, such as the HiCube turbo pumping stations has developed the perfect turbomolecular vacuum pump solution for your applications in the fields of research and development, accelerators, analytics and surface physics, as well as vacuum process technology and general vacuum applications.

Thanks to the modular design principle, we can offer you never-before-seen versatility with the turbomolecular vacuum pump HiCube series that satisfies the widest range of requirements in the pumping speed range from 35 l/s to 685 l/s. Turbomolecular vacuum pump and backing pumps are matched perfectly to one another: “Plug and Play”, the way you want it.

What’s so special about the HiCube vacuum solution: The combination of a turbopump from the HiPace series and a backing pump designed for the user’s specific application needs for our turbomolecular vacuum pump. We offer you the HiCube in Pro and Classic versions; available with dry compressing or oil-sealed backing pump and an ultimate pressure of up to 5 · 10-10 hPa.

Customer benefits for a Turbomolecular vacuum pump

  • Optimally inter-coordinated combination of turbopump and backing pump; for the widest range of applications
  • Modular design affords simple customization for the application in question
  • Service friendly, due to good accessibility of the individual components
  • Integrated drive electronics; no additional control system needed
  • Plug and Play” – no installation or cabling required
  • Robust engineering makes for long service life and high reliability
  • Fore-vacuum safety valve (optional) prevents the recipient from venting in the event of a power failure
  • Direct connection of vacuum gauges possible

The Complete Solution for Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump High Vacuum Applications

Thanks to their mobility, all of the turbomolecular vacuum pumps, HiCube pumping stations are the easiest way to generate high vacuum right where it’s needed. Its robust engineering and the ready-to-connect, fully automated pump unit assure the utmost in dependability.


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