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A-VAC is proud to be an Authorized Distributor of the Highest Quality Vacuum Pumps and Blowers by renowned companies including Welch Gardner Denver, Alcatel Adixen Pfeiffer, Leybold Oerlikon, BOC Edwards, Anest, Stokes, and Agilent.

Vacuum Chambers & Systems

Economy Vacuum Chamber Systems - 12 1/8

Economy Vacuum Chamber Systems - 12 1/8" HT x 10 1/2" O.D. Vacuum

Vacuum Chamber Systems Protorr 12

Vacuum Chamber Systems Protorr 12"x 12" Chamber w/ Rebuilt 5.6 CFM Welch Vacuum Pump

Protorr Vacuum Chamber Systems 12" x 12" w/ 4 CFM Vacuum Pump

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These new Vacuum Chamber degassing systems combine high quality and low price! Features include 12"x12" polyetherimide vacuum chamber, pump-mounted isolation and vent valves, 0-30" bourdon tube vacuum gauge, vacuum tubing and new direct-drive JB Fastvac 4 CFM vacuum pump. (Industrial quality Welch belt-driven pump may be substituted - see below). Will hold a full vacuum (29+" Hg [759mm]) at room temperature for 24 hours and will remain air tight even if not under vacuum.

Everything you need in one, complete, ready-to-run package.

Full One Year Warranty.

Protorr 12" x 12" Vacuum Chamber w/4 CFM new Vacuum Pump pump

More Information
Level of Vacuum ROUGH VACUUM to 29 Inches (760 – 1 Torr)
Manufacturer A-VAC ProTorr
CFM / L/M (Displacement) 4